Webshites part 2 – Matt

24 Feb

A person whom I suspect is McAsh’s webmaster commented on my previous post expressing his distaste at me mocking candidates websites.
Then he very helpfully linked me to Matt’s website.


Someone needs to tell Matt his site has been hacked. Someone is trying to sabotage his campaign by changing the background of his website to a colour which would automatically have any internet-browser shut down and turn off the computer to protect the eyes of the user.

Looking away from this, it’s fucking hard but I’ll try, Matt seems to have gone for the approach of “If they see my face many times they won’t be able to resist voting for me.” Very cunningly he has also depicted himself outside of a building which has a name that is an anagram of “McAsh. Cry, tall man.”
Well, ok, you get an L and an I left over from that, but you only need to borrow and E to make the word “LIE!”. Wait… am I really that fucking desperate? I am making ANAGRAMS? Fuck me.

Of course, I’m not the only one who is desperate. Some candidates also release these things called “manifestos” in the hopes that someone will read them. We all know, elections aren’t decided based only on smug faces. Realising that most students are too lazy to read, Matt has included a handy video to go along with his manifesto.

Based on the suggested videos it really seems like YouTube has the whole “EUSA election”-thing figured out. I’m also glad to see that Matt is actively expressing his interest in students dropping him a line about what they would want him to do as a president. It looks like you are going to have to drop him a line, because he obviously doesn’t care enough about students to let them comment on his fucking video.

One week left. One week, and it will all be over. Unless you all vote for RON.


One Response to “Webshites part 2 – Matt”

  1. celsus February 26, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    hehehe… very funny! And I’m sure the slate is loving the fair treatment that your given them… the poor persecuted slate! 😛

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