Fuck Yeah! I have a campaign!

5 Feb

Matthew McPherSon has decided to go all Operah on us. He has launched a Facebook page to show his own support for his presidency.

“This campaign isn’t just mine- it’s yours.”

Since we now all own this campaign I assume that makes it okay for us all to ‘improve’ your posters as we see fit? I’ve always been a minimalist kind of guy. I think you should spend your entire campaign-budget on one huge poster and put it on the top of the roof of the tallest building at Kings Buildings. Please.

Matt is also clearly encouraging and facilitating deep and extensive discussions, exchange of ideas and input on both policy and strategy.

Matthew wants to make sure EUSA doesn’t continue to get caught up in its “own little bubble.” Have you seen the bubble lately Matt? It’s fucking ridiculously massive, and rising quickly due to all the hot air. However, no one needs to be in any doubt that Matt himself is very much within the bubble, as he spent the previous paragraphs outlining exactly how involved he has been in the bubble he so badly wants to burst.

Anyhow, I get the fucking idea. Our this, our that. Together we will do this and that, and all our opinions will be heard. And if he gets elected I am sure he will happily wave down at us from the bubble. But he will probably find it too warm and cosy to have any desire to burst it.

On a somewhat related note, apparently “everyone knows” that I am Matthew, and I am sure that me writing about him will probably fuel the fire. When the other candidates give me something to fucking write about I’ll get around to them.

For legal reasons (I don’t want to be arrested) I will not make a habit of engaging in discussions about my identity, but it does seem like some people think this blog is and is going to be used by Matthews team to promote his campaign and negatively campaign about the other candidates. I might be a miserable fucking bastard, but I like to think I am a fair miserable fucking bastard, and I wouldn’t want this blog to be used as an attack on Matt’s campaign. I would therefore like to make it very clear that I am not Matt or part of Matt’s campaign. Please stop sending me e-mails telling me that I am.


One Response to “Fuck Yeah! I have a campaign!”

  1. Kate Harris February 5, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    It’s patently obvious to everyone who this is. Gabi and Camilla are open about who they are and knew when the game was up, I’m not really a fan of eusalicious either, but it’s not nasty. I really dislike the tone of this blog and the content, and knowing you quite well (or at least I used to), you are way above this man.

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