VPAA profile: Graham Smith

27 Jan

What the fuck? Wait, I’ve Googled this guy for hours, and I can’t find him on any EUSA website! I can only assume this is a mistake.

This is Graham Smith. He has some kind of position in Scotland in Unison,  a Scottish one-voice a capella choir, in which he goes under the artist-pseudonym of “Grum.”

Despite not being in EUSA this guy seems to have campaigned before, and seems to have a passion for representing “young members” of said choir. According to the profile on his Twitter page it seems like he might have been successful in being elected to this position.

He was among the 3 or so people who caused a slight annoyance to at most two people at the university by occupying the big Appleton-building last semester. I also have it on good authority that Graham Grum is strongly opposed to shortcuts, haircuts, undercuts and uppercuts, but likes reading and long walks on the beach.

We seem to have another contested position though… I can’t fucking wait for summer.

Edit: Well, I have to refer back to the comment in my first sentence, “I can only assume this is a mistake.” Seems this was a mistake. Grum is not running, not for VPAA anyway. Thank fucking God.


2 Responses to “VPAA profile: Graham Smith”

  1. eusalicious January 27, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    You clearly don’t read our comments..

    • EUSAvicious January 27, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

      Please accept my apologies. I was too hungover to read this morning. I shall endeavour to uphold greater accuracy in the future.

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