VP Profile: Anna Forrest and Harriet Page

27 Jan

Thank fucking God I got to write that post about Ben. I’ve been less violent this evening than any evening I can remember for a very long time. I almost think I might have been a little harsh on Ben…


The reason I am so fucking glad that I got all my aggression out is that there are still two VPSA candidates I haven’t mentioned on the blog. And I can’t fucking find any information about them anywhere.

I mean, this is Anna Forrest. Sure, she is a EUSA person, recruiting from within, etc, etc, but other than that all I can find about her on the internet is that she was the president of the Amnesty International society and is also involved in some society that aims to stop fucking genocide…

How the FUCK am I supposed to come up with anything remotely mean to say based on that?! I can’t even find her on Twitter!

Mrs. Forrest, you better have some fucking stupid posters so that I get an opportunity to say something mean about you. Trees! Make fucking puns involving trees! You better give me a something to be angry at at some point.

Then there is Harriet Page.

Harriet Page just seems not to fucking exist. I can’t find any information about her anywhere. I am not even sure that is even a picture of her, I just randomly grabbed it off somewhere. I’m blaming Harriet for this, as having a name with “Page” in it is just irresponsible. How the hell is Google supposed to work with that?

As far as I am aware Harriet is so far the only candidate with a website though. It announces that she will be “coming soon”, an announcement I just realised is in pink. THANK GOD!


Here I go…

FUCKING PINK? Is Harriet going to be forcing us all to look at PINK everywhere? Why doesn’t she just throw acid into our eyes instead? It would be quicker and a whole fucking less painful!

Fuck it. I am now getting angry that there is nothing to be angry about. Candidates, you better fucking start annoying me soon, or I will get REALLY fucking annoyed.


One Response to “VP Profile: Anna Forrest and Harriet Page”

  1. Anonymouse January 28, 2011 at 12:19 am #


    It’s like 4chan meets Eusalicious on here. Only boring.

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