Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a “True Man”

27 Jan

A guy calling himself Ben Trueman has announced his intention to run for the position he thinks he will be the most likely to win, or in his words, an “as of yet undisclosed position.”

An absolutely mindblowingly amazing piece of promotional material.

According to his newly created Twitter-account he is running to protest against EUSA, and is in favour of “Direct Democracy.” So far his campaign consists of Tweeting: “A much better idea

It appears that Ben is one of those hardcore anti cuts guys and is one of the few people who opted to save on heating bills this winter by living a few days in Appleton Tower. Apparently the anti cuts people have serious plans about trying to get EUSA positions this year… I hope for their sake this isn’t part of that serious effort.

EUSA may have some problems with how it is run, I’m not going to argue against that, but if they think that even a fucking fraction of students are going to vote for someone just because they say “I dislike the way EUSA is run”, then they are sadly mistaken. If you do, as you say, have a viable plan for “total system reform”, then please show it to us. I am sure we would all like to see it. I especially look forward to the part where you explain how running on a platform of “Direct Democracy” with the slogan “Don’t vote” is going to work.

Of course, perhaps this is just the start of the campaign. Perhaps he is actually going to present us with some plan on how to improve EUSA. But if you are going to start your campaign before nominations even open, please put at least a sentence of sense behind it. If you think people like me are going to vote for you just because you are anti EUSA and we are angry at EUSA, then you are insulting our intelligence.

Ben, I am sure you are a nice guy, and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. I am judging you purely on a campaign-image and a Twitter-account. Ideally I would prefer to see the elections carried out in a much quieter and less intrusive manner. Since that is not going to happen I would love to see non-EUSA candidates mix things up.  But if you want students to take you seriously then you better start taking students seriously.

Also… orange? Surely you can do better than fucking orange.


One Response to “Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a “True Man””

  1. Ross Stalker January 28, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    Nothing wrong with orange.

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