VP Profile: Andrew Burnie

25 Jan

Today I thought of the election and almost smashed a roadsign. Then I thought of the prospect of another year of fucking therapy. So I decided to blog instead.

Alleged VPAA candidate is Andrew Burnie.

I’ve taken a dislike to him already. I fucking HATE people who dress up for Halloween.

Another so far uncontested candidate, (hoo-fucking-ray) Andrew currently holds some EUSA position involving providing services to academics. When he isn’t hacking away he seems to regularly pour his heart out as a guest blogger for The Guardian. He also apparently does some studying sometimes, and is taking a degree in “GEEK.”

I can also exclusively reveal that Andrew has a secret alter-ego, “Burnie… Fucking Andrew Burnie”, which he nurtures through  this Myspace page. Here, through the cover of anonymity, he feels comfortable revealing such personal details as his sexual IQ (which is 157) and that he loves such things as “ALL YOU CAN DRINK FOR 15 QUID”, and hates things like “FAT PEOPLE, DRINK/DRIVE LAWS, GETTING BUSES” and “PORK!”

And being a geek, he of course has a Twitter account which I am sure will soon enough be filled with the normal fucking reasons for why you should vote for him as a VPAA.

So now it seems like I have covered the president, VPS and VPAA positions. Let me check Hack Central to see how the VPSA race sta.. oh fuck me sideways with a broken tea-pot. You have to be fucking kidding me. Four? FOUR?!?!



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