VP Profile: Philippa Faulkner

24 Jan

Hopeful for taking Sam Hansfords job… Is it Hansford or Handsford? I just never know quite how much of my hands I should put into him… I’ll go for Hansford for now. Anyhow, once Sammy Handsfourd is out that will hopefully be the end of all spelling difficulties as far as the EUSA VPS goes.



The only VPS hopeful so far is one “Philippa Faulkner”, a name which will certainly be a strong contender for the “EUSA office most copied and pasted name” if she is successful in her campaign.

Here is Philllipppa depicted along with the slogan for EUSAs most recent fundraising-campaign.

Phlippa is so far my favourite candidate for any position, as it currently appears as though she will be uncontested. Less. Fucking. Campaigning. Thank. God.

She is or has been on the Union Executionary Committee I think. She may also have a more ordinary rep job or something, but to find out for sure I would have to actually do research, and I just can’t fucking be bothered.

As seems to be the norm these days, she also has a Twitter account. In the biographical information on her account she informs her followers that she is a biology student who would like to travel far far away, and that she can’t fucking stand cats.

I can’t really find anything more on her at this point, and my team of spies failed miserably and got arrested for grave robbery. Therefore this is everything I have to say about Philipaa at this stage. And hopefully this campaign will be long remembered for being the quietest ever.


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