Presidential Profile: James McAsh

24 Jan

Apparently the presidential race this year is going to be contested. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This means posters, doesn’t it?

Meet James McAsh. The internet is sparse with information about this guy. However, he wears a hat, and that’s just fucking not right. According to some drunk EUSA-person I pick-pocketed at the pub the other day, James McAsh currently has some fancy big-shot position that has something to do with teaching and learning. I’m sure that makes him cool in the world of EUSA.

I assume McAsh is probably better known as the founder of the website,

This is probably a scam though. He fucking wears a hat, for crying out loud.

He also is in possession of a Twitter-account with surprisingly hard-hitting, controversial political tweets like “Is the Labour party changing their logo?” and  “Anyone else finding problems using Facebook today?”

I am assuming we will hear a lot more from Mr. Mc. Ash in the weeks to come, and as part of my fucking therapy I’m going to be ranting about it on this blog. Apparently McAsh’s presidential bid isn’t official yet. But come the fuck on. He wears a fucking hat. How much more of a confirmation do you need?


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